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The day berth for a boat is a place that is stationed within a marina or harbor, or anchor or bushes on the open sea where you can anchor your boat. A day berth for a boat is an excellent solution for yachtsmen who plan to have more destinations than one. There are mooring berths in the sea, and dry berths to keep the boat on the land.

Daily berth in the sea

ACI Marine offer its guests a daily berth in 22 marinas and 2 anchorages along the Croatian coast. The daily connection price depends on the length of your boat and the date you want to reserve the daily berth. The daily berth service will be charged based on "length over everything". Length over everything is considered the overall length of the boat measured from the most prominent beam point to the most prominent stern point, measured by the center length of the boat. ACI reserves the right to check the length of the vessel and to calculate the price according to the actual dimensions determined by the measurement.

Daily wert berths in the sea and dry berths on land

You can book a daily berth in all ACI marinas. The cost of a daily berth depends on the above-mentioned "length over all", and the date you want to book the daily berth.

Included in price:

  • berth in the sea
  • use of sanitary facilities and showers
  • electricity and water consumption for the needs of the vessel, except in the ACI marina "Veljko Barbieri" Slano where additional charge is charged for an electricity connection greater than 16A and water per consumption

Half-day berth is possible with a maximum duration of 4 hours and can be used no later than 2 pm. Exceptions are ACI marinas in Pula, Pomer, Supetarska Draga, Rab, Žut, Piškera, Vodice, Skradin, Trogir, Palmižana and "Veljko Barbieri" Slano where the half-day berth can be used no later than 5pm. Use of half-day service is charged as half the price of the daily berth according to the length of the boat according to the price list. Ships that arrive to the marina during the period of 7 am (from the beginning of the reception) up to noon of the same day are paying the fee for daily berth in the sea that covers the stay in the marina until 2 pm the following day. The boats sailing in to the marina at night in the period from midnight to 7.00 am- their daily berth expires at 2pm the same day. After 2pm, the fee is charged for the following day.

Daily berth can be booked by paying via ACI mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Also, it is possible to book it by direct booking on the ACI online booking page.